Sunday, July 3, 2011


Inari has long been not only one of my favorites types of sushi, but one of my favorite foods of any kind. So imagine my excitement to meet someone who grew up making it who was willing to show me how it's done! Saori, baker of Ellen's birthday cake (you can actually see it in the background of the picture below) is the resident inari master. We started cutting the tofu when she was out of the room and made them a little small, they should be longer rectangular envelopes rather than the squares you see. Still delicious, though!

Inari is apparently named for a Shinto god who is "believed to have a fondness for fried tofu." He or she (depiction of Inari's gender vary) is the god of fertility, industry and worldy success.

Cooked vinegared rice will be the stuffing. The preparation being poured on here is vinegar and brown rice syrup / agave nectar. Traditionally it is vinegar and cane sugar.

The deep fried tofu has to sit in a broth of shoyu, mirin, brown rice syrup, water, salt and kombu (a salty seaweed), and soak up all the goodness, with a sort of sweet / sour / savory result.

Then open it up, stuff it

And enjoy!

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