Thursday, June 30, 2011

Full moon

The full moon marks a monthly celebration with a special, festive meal. This month the party was postponed a bit to coincide with the completion of the barn roof and the homecoming of several traveling community members. I had the honor of helping to prepare a truly scrumptious macrobiotic lasagne.

What appears to be a tomato sauce is in fact carrot and beet based. The diet here tends away from nightshades, so tomatoes are a rarity. I was a bit skeptical but this actually turned out to be very, very tasty.

What would normally be a ricotta type layer was tofu and cabbage with corn, and the meat sauce type layer was the carrot beet sauce with mushrooms and seitan (wheat gluten). Once again, might sound crazy, but this is deep in the running for one of the better lasagnes of my life. Rich in flavor and very satisfying.

Dressing to impress

The tables were set with candles and bouquets of lupin. Really a beautiful occasion. Dinner was followed by dancing in the field and some pick up football.

And, of course, dessert.

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