Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The community sits on 160 acres of spruce forest, but the trees are young thanks to a forest fire that leveled the area about 70 years ago. That combined with a short growing season means the trees are quite small, not suitable for building. So these logs don't come from onsite, but they are local wood from the peninsula. A lot of them were standing dead from a tree blight that killed massive sections of forest in Alaska and Russia several years ago.

Young Huxley

This fellow got a face full of porcupine quills a couple of weeks ago. Four of us could not hold him down. It took Papa Barry's bear hug to keep him still. After that gruesome ordeal I feel a strong bond with the wee pup. Small but fierce.
Changing the blade

Drippin' diesel for lubrication

John is the miller in residence

Somebody let a freakin clown in here

Just about all of the lumber that makes up the community's buildings (including ten family cabins, the longhouse, the garn building, and the first two levels of the barn) is home-milled. This is John's cabin from the barn roof.

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