Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lasse's luscious lager

This yarrow goldenrod herbal beer, while not technically a lager, does involve a lager malt, as well as organic German barley. No hops.

Nettle cream tonic. Oft described, I have heard tell, as "the best beer [so and so has] ever tasted." I can certainly understand why.

I have tasted numerous uncommonly good beers during my brief time here. A couple labels of note are Homer Brewing Company and Kenai River Brewing Company. Give those a sample if you have the opportunity and are inclined towards good beer. What almost all of the area breweries have in common, apparently, is the guiding hand of Lasse [LAH-suh], close friend of the community, brew guru of the peninsula, and author of the above delicacies. At age 7 he visited a brewery with his grandmother in his native Denmark and the passion was ignited. The intervening decades have made the man a Merlin of malt.


  1. Nice. I'd definitively like to try those beers given that I worked for a brewing company once. "Homer Brewing" caught my eye. I recently read that Duff Beer is quite the sensation in parts of Latin America. People are bringing it back to the US and selling bottles at $14 a pop. Since you probably doubt me these days, here's a link:

  2. Send some of that to your old friends in Brooklyn!

  3. awesome. Beer seems to look better in jars, the two you posted look DElicious.